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Cabin 5 In Winter

This winter has brought us some wonderful white scenes with hoar frost that lasted for 3 full days.  As  2011 begins we are experiencing traditional frigid temperatures.  We passed on the official opening day of Lake Trout season due to

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This could be a great feed of smoked Northern Pike! We smoke fish on a weekly basis, enjoying the socializing around the smoker at the shop. It’s wonderful to teach fishermen a new cooking technique and  different way to taste

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Good day Tom! Thanks so much for giving Pat and me the opportunity to be in your world for a weekend. WOW – We knew we were in for something special as soon as we turned the corner. Your architectural creations (cabins) were all one-of’s. What a simply lovely spot. Mother Nature had taken us under her wings and graced us with her “wonderment” We just loved it and am looking forward to see you soon. Maybe we’ll fish next time (snowed out). I hear they just jump right in the boat! Regards, P & J — Julie and Pat Myrdal Wpg, MB Canada