First Day of Spring and Sleepy Dog Cabins continues to observe Mother Nature.

What a beautiful blustery day at Wabaskang Lake, with a westerly wind, flurries and temperature of +2 C as a high.  It is April 21.

We are so fortunate to have the BEST view on the lake.  Anybody and everybody who visits (and we love visitors) comments on Our Million Dollar View.

Tom has taught me so much about taking time to observe mother nature and it is so easy to do here.

Today we watched as  our Seven Swans A Swimming – yes we have 7 Tundra Swans at the narrows, were approached by a she wolf.  Of course Tom always grabs the binoculars and notices what’s going on first.  The wolf must have taken a dip in the cold water before we started watching because he saw her shaking off  a whole lot of water.  Cautiously   she walked along the ice edge  and the bevy of swans now began to swim toward her unafraid it seemed maybe even confrontational.   We knew the wolf was a female because she squatted to pee before she moved off.

It looked like she was crossing over to the small island directly in front of us but changed paths and came closer and along our shoreline.  As we  watched her crossing the lake and an otter caught our eye next.  Way off up the lake and undetectable to the wolf.  LUCKY and  Tom assures me that one lone wolf could not take on an otter.

Thrilled by all the activity I grabbed a set of snow shoes and ventured out.  I arrived at the narrows  before the otter did.  I was fortunate to see it’s progress across the snow and  ice… hop, hop, slide a short time then slip into its open water destination.  I took my camera and made a little video but alas it did not pass Mr. Williams high standards so here’s a still shot.  You could hear Canada Geese cronking nicely and the swans joining in.  I will try again another day to capture all our water fowl on film, stay tuned.

Such blustery beauty.

Such blustery beauty.


Did you know that a group of swans is a herd, team, lamentation or bevy and

 when in flight they are a wedge.

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