Fishing Art

Fishing is an art.  There is art in fishing.  Here is some fishing art.

Good signage at a warf

Good signage at  Fishing Wharf




Tom and I are always seeking out art.

 We make a point to enjoy as many galleries as we can…private, public, modern, medieval, no matter.

 To see the imagination of artists is a thrilling thing. It helps to spark our own ideas and art.  

Upcycled Evinrude

Upcycled Evinrude retired from fishing.




We have a whole lot of fun making camp  a beautiful place to be for the enjoyment of you  our friends and guests.  This trip we have seen some truly great metal fish.   I hope Tom gets back to making one or two of them.  He has made some beauties in the past.



But is it a Copperfish?

But is it a Copperfish?

If…. you have some great fishing

related    art

we would love to see it.





  I hope you add some style and flare

to what ever  project you take on today.  Make your efforts count everyday till you get back up to Sleepy Dog and explore the art of fishing.  

An exceptional fish

An exceptional fish by a brilliant artist.


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