Enjoy season-long fishing on Wabaskang Lake and it’s adjoining waterways. Part of the Cedar River watershed, Wabaskang Lake offers a great variety of fish species including walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout, large perch and whitefish.

Great Fishing!

The many weed beds in Wabaskang Lake and relatively shallow water (average is 20′) make the walleye fishing outstanding most of the season. Northern pike are most plentiful from the middle of August through the first week of September, with trophy-size fish being caught all season long. May and June is the best time for jumbo perch fishing, but anglers have no trouble catching these fish at any time, due to the large perch population in Wabaskang. The population of smallmouth bass has been developing in Wabaskang Lake and this species can be easily found in the 3-6 pound range.

the Bruner boysOver the past fifteen years many improvements have been made in the Cedar River Watershed area to enrich spawning areas, including cleaning feeder streams and limiting access.

As a result, we have seen the fish numbers and average sizes increasing each year.

We provide everyone with a detailed map of Wabaskang Lake. During the hottest part of the summer the surface water (top 30″) may reach seventy degrees, below the water remains quite cold and we never experience any algae or bloom (green slime) in the lake.

Female walleyes lay approximately 26,000 eggs per pound of body weight each year, however with a high mortality rate even in perfect conditions, the only way to maintain populations is to practice Catch and Release with these larger sized fish.

At Sleepy Dog Cabins, we strongly support Catch & Release.

Our guests have grown accustomed to bringing home their limits of fish and eating lots of fish throughout their week-long stay.

Perry WilkinsonHowever, should you catch that trophy of a lifetime, I would urge you to take some quality photos and consider having a high quality long-lasting graphite reproduction of your catch made so you can have your trophy fish, and that same fish can swim again to provide another angler the same opportunity.

I can assist you with local taxidermists who provide this service should you choose to have it done here in Canada.

Remember, the future of fishing is in your hands,
please practice Catch & Release.

For the guests who prefer to bring their own boat and motor, the same weekly rates apply. Example – 4 guests rent one boat and bring one up, the same weekly rate (4 guests, 2 boat package of $665.00 each) applies. However, we include FREE launching, docking and up to 15 gallons of gasoline for your private boat during your stay.


Fishing License Options for Non-Residents of Canada                                  

quoted in CND funds



2 Walleye, 2 Northern, 2 Bass, 25 Perch Limit (Some Restrictions Apply)

             8 Day         with outdoor card               $32.

                       without  outdoor card        $41.

   Seasonal    with outdoor card               $51.

                         without outdoor card        $60.


4 Walleye, 4 Northern, 4 Bass, 25 Perch, 1 Trout, 1 Musky Limit (Some Restrictions Apply)

8 Day            with outdoor card               $53.

                       without outdoor card         $62.

Seasonal      with outdoor card               $83.

                        without outdoor card        $92.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Outdoor Card is valid for 3 yrs.

The Ministry of Natural Resources provide details on current license fees and Fishing Regulations