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Adventure Queen

IRENE WILLIAMS I met her by chance once, a long time ago…. before I met Tom.  She was visiting her daughter Sally and so was I.    Arthur Williams met her by chance too….. Irene was enjoying a good read

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Spring Walleye Fishing

    Walleye are by far the most popular species found in our waters.  Many agree that they are the best tasting fish in the world.  How wonderful then that they are  fun to catch, easy to clean and can

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Our Pizza Oven

    Pizza.  Liz made it sound so magical, but she didn’t say pizza.    She said….fresh baked bread from an outdoor brick oven.  What was a brick oven? Back in the day I was a home schooler, taking my

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Where’s Winker? An interesting guest at Sleepy Dog.

We  always have the most interesting people stay with us at Sleepy Dog Cabins. Our season of 2014 was so great because we have discovered a whole new way to learn just how intriguing they/you all are.  We started throwing pizza parties!

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Fishing Art

Fishing is an art.  There is art in fishing.  Here is some fishing art.       Tom and I are always seeking out art.  We make a point to enjoy as many galleries as we can…private, public, modern, medieval,

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6 Degrees of Separation on Hwy 105

  Many good stories that are told at Sleepy Dog Cabins are about fishing…of course! Living up the Red Lake Highway makes you very familiar with  moose stories too.  Stories about meetings and close encounters. This is one of them.

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Going Fishing Friday?

Yeh!!!   Sleepy Dog Cabins has a You Tube channel.  We are so excited!!!! For our first, very own video we are pleased to introduce  Gracie Baron the super model as she engages in sport fishing. &nbsp      

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Nov 28, 2013

As the sun came up, we sat this morning with our coffee gazing out at the beautiful vista of Wabaskang Lake.  For our entertainment we watched two wolves cross from FishGut Island then over to the opposite shore and follow

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