Adventure Queen


I met her by chance once, a long time ago…. before I met Tom.  She was visiting her daughter Sally and so was I.  

 Arthur Williams met her by chance too…..

Irene was enjoying a good read on a Hyde Park bench when Arthur noticed her. He commenced to courting and soon she was  emigrating  to Canada. So began her adventure in the Wilds of NorthWest Ontario.  An English War Bride from downtown London transplanted to remote Wine Lake eventually to run a tourist camp.



  • C amp                                                                 Mom and the Lilac bush

  • A uthor

  • M other

  • P ioneer



Irene Williams, was all about Camp 


She was a wonderful Cook. Imagine this…no professional training cooking 2 meals a day for a crowd,  everyday of the week, all summer, no running water and she made it all so delicious.

When Irene’s doctor ordered her to slow down and take it easy she picked up a pen and began her memoirs.  As a published Author She captured so many stories about life at camp contained in two books   “The Last Resort” and “The Second Last Resort”.

Irene was so incredibly loving and kind. Her children are a testament to this love. They are hard working caregivers in service industries.  The thing I remember most about meeting her was she was catching and releasing house flies.   She hated harming a living thing , not even a fly and isn’t that a beautiful Mother.

She was a Pioneer, helping carve out a tourist camp in the wilderness with primitive equipment,  no running water, and generally making due.  It was an experience just to get out to camp by canoe for some of the first years.

If you would like to know more about Tom’s mum, the Adventure Queen come and visit us.  We keep a copy of

“The Last Resort” in every cabin.

 Or contact us at Sleepy Dog Cabins and get your own copies of these books $10. each plus shipping.  We are in our third reprint.  They are a great read! 



Memoirs by Irene WilliamsThe Second Last Resort




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