“Born with an axe in one hand and a fishing rod in the other” 




I’m not sure who came up with that line but it sure applies to me.

Hello   My name is Tom Williams.

Growing up at the remote fishing lodge that my  parents built was a life that many a man would envy. I tagged along behind
my dad, Art Williams cross country hiking, looking for waters filled with walleye’s.  It felt like we were the first to fish these small hidden lakes , getting our share of bug bites and scratches as he usually just took the direct, straight ahead attitude.  Dad had an internal compass and we always came out exactly where he said we would.  The axe was our protection against the unlikely chance of crossing paths with a bear and of course we had a couple of old fishing rods.

Now, I have built my own resort on Wabaskang Lake ,  Sleepy Dog Cabins, not far from my beginnings.   With my partner  Margaret Aitken, we are an eclectic team.  I am passionate about building, sailing, traveling, Blues music and of course nature.  Marg is an artist ,upcycler, painter, piper, weaver, upholsterer,knitter and wood worker.  Together we love making Sleepy Dog Cabins the best it can be for all to enjoy.  We pride ourselves in offering the top notch in equipment and accommodations on Wabascropped-cropped-Sleepy-Dog-Cabins-logo-002-e1372261713757kang Lake.

more summer 2006 056      Bring your fishing rod and  come on up!!