Nov 28, 2013

As the sun came up, we sat this morning with our coffee gazing out at the beautiful vista of Wabaskang Lake.  For our entertainment we watched two wolves cross from FishGut Island then over to the opposite shore and follow along.  As they progressed forward three otters surfaced at the narrows.  And then, another wolf.  It was sooo cole to wittness a three on three stare down at the channel!!!  The otters didn’t seem all that worried, having open water in their favour.

Our heart are full of gratitude today and everyday that we live in nature and get to share it with all our Sleepy Dog Guests that we count as friends.Nov 28

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One comment on “Nov 28, 2013
  1. Steve Englert says:

    Tom, you guys are hearty souls. I see it’s 10 degrees F. up there today. The lake looks beautiful.

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