Tom is loving to get out  in his new boat when  he has a chance  on  random sleepy dog  afternoons.  Already we  have guests  joining us  sailing  here out on  Wabaskang.

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One comment on “Sailing
  1. Bob Miller says:

    Thats great Tom you should of tried out for the Canadian sailing tean. Were finally getting some rain (downpours) better late than never although many crops are ruined. Many corn fields have been havested to silage.

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In order understand what Sleepy Dog Cabins is all about you need to know several things. The cabins are in great condition. The views are spectacular. The fishing is great. Finally, Tom gives you a level of service that is beyond your wildest dreams. During our trip the fishing was good. Tom gave us the hot spots for the time of year. The bald eagles were soaring. I can not say enough good things about our experiences. Thank you Tom. — Mark McGhiey Collinsville, IL USA