Spring things



                                Cool stuff happens

      during the big melt, interesting ice forms and lucky finds-   

      On  a spring day in 1967 I flew into Wine Lake Camp to put a roof on the Ice House.  Chucky Botham came along with me for company and to lend a hand.  We had 3 weeks supply of groceries.  Dad’s advice was “you can always walk  through the bush on the trail behind Tom Fobister’s  trapline cabin to Anishinabi Falls and shoot a mallard if and when you get hungry”.    

After completing the task and running low on supplies we decided to venture out for meat on a Sunday afternoon.  The snow was mostly out of the bush and we were enjoying nature on that beautiful warm, sunny day.  Then along the way we began to hear a tremendous ruckus of ravens.  Further investigation lead us to a buck deer that had just been taken down by wolves.  We didn’t get to see them but we heard the hunters leave.  While Chucky kept lookout, I cut off  the remaining intact hind quarter and we headed back to camp.  We dined on venison for a week.  

Time to head home.  We drug the boat over the ice of the lake to the confluence of the Anishinabi and Cedar Rivers, headed north and over three portages to Highway 804 then hitchhiked back to civilization.

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