Where’s Winker? An interesting guest at Sleepy Dog.

We  always have the most interesting people stay with us at Sleepy Dog Cabins. Our season of 2014 was so great because we have discovered a whole new way to learn just how intriguing they/you all are.  We started throwing pizza parties!  There will soon be more info on this blog about that beautiful miracle food…pizza.

Back to our fabulously fascinating guests….One of whom is Steve Winker, a guy livin the dream, RVing around North America while fishing, exploring and indulging in his  hobby of photography.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know this easy going, talented fellow and follow his adventures.  Perhaps it’s ironic that I don’t have a photo of him to post here!

Wow, the sunset

Here the fishing is tremendous and the sunsets are breathtaking.


Steve has been so generous to share some outstanding moments  he captured while vacationing here at  ” thee place to be on Wabaskang Lake!!!  He excels at Nature Photos.  ” Check out his website Where’s Winker to see alot more of his fantastic work (play) and get inspired for your next trip here or anywhere.

Here’s a free tip….don’t ever forget your camera and use it!!!

                          The Photography of Steve Winker

Sleepy Dog nature scene

Nature observed on Wabaskang

Nature captured at Sleepy Dog Cabins by Steve.

Beaver workin it.

Move over.

Cool shot of a pair of Eagles.

Free Bird

Free Bird

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Another beautiful evening.

Another beautiful evening.

Where's Winker   photo of Wabaskang

Where’s Winker photo of Wabaskang

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